Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sweeter Than This...

What could be sweeter than these
Domino Necklaces or Heart tee's for
yourself, friend or
the little Valentine's
in your lives!
All Domino Necklaces (mini & regular sized) can
be mixed and matched w/ designs and ribbons.

Don't forget about your little men Valentines!
(Future G.Q. model below)
Camo Heart w/ flaming Wings! Red and Black tee's, limited quanity!
Short sleeves to wear a long sleeve tee underneath and can wear after V-day.

Heart w/ Wings for us Mommie's and your little Princesses too.

Pink Camo or Red Paisley w/ Zebra Wings.
(Black or White tees)

This "Mimi" was a special order w/ "Loved" on the back.

And another special order w/ Monogrammed Initials.
Perfect for Valentine's Day and after!

Heart Hugs to all our friends and family!

Domino Necklaces $20
Heart w/Wings tee $20 (women's and girls)
Boys Heart w/ Wings $16 (no rhinestones)

Email us your orders ASAP for delivery by Valentine's Day!
p.s. Happy 10th Birthday my Zac! :)