Monday, November 24, 2008

Boomer Sooner vs. Go Pokes!

Are you ready for the Big Game! Email us by Wednesday if you need a Domino necklace to show your SPIRIT! mini or regular size domino, $20! I must say, Boomer Sooner! :)


It is very difficult to show you all how cute these ornaments are w/ pictures! We have several at The Inviting Place and The Spotted Umbrella if you want to see in person! There is a medium size ornament w/ all our local schools, and we can customize w/ your child's name, their teacher's name, their football number even! The ornaments are PLASTIC now, except the clear glass which I will show later this week. The large ornaments are the family ornaments, e.g. The PaskVan's (on the front) w/ Damon, Lori, Zac and Max 2008 (on the back). Balls are silver, gold or red, and paint to your likes. Quantities limited! Medium Ornament $15 w/ school name; w/ personalization $18; and Large Ornament w/ personalization $20.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Order Deadline December 10th!

Here's some of our Domino Necklaces! 2 sizes, regular domino size and then a mini; the mini is good for little ones and also us grown-ups! Regular size is 16in and mini is 14in, unless specified and please SPECIFY. We love custom orders, so if you don't see the school of your choice (you will likely see where our hearts lie) or the colors of actual domino or ribbons (we LOVE ribbon) then please just send your personal desire. December 10th is the last call for orders, then we will have time to get your gifts ready before schools out and then we will need to spend time w/ our wonderful kiddo's! And Christmas Ornament (large and X-Large plastic hand-painted, personalized too), our Cross, Heart w/ Wings, Monkey and newest JENKS t-shirt pictures are coming this week! Thank You for taking time to look at our blog! :)


The Domino Girls are sooo excited to have our very own BLOG! Welcome to the P.S. Designs Blog! For those of you who don't know the "P" stands for PaskVan and the "S" for Smith, who knew 2 next-door neighbors would have soooo much in common and and become the best of friends and start their very own creative adventure together! We hope for this to be a way to show our sweet friends, and their friends, and their friends :) some of our DESIGNS. So add this page to your FAVORITES and check back often especially over the next few days to weeks as we "learn" how to manage our very first blog! This is sooo exciting! :)